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sweet pies

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Can you taste it?  The best strawberry rhubarb pie made with our true wheat crust. Oh so good!

Chocolate Strawberry Pie

What? You love chocolate and strawberries? Yeah, we do too!

Margarita (Rita) Pie

Yes, you read correctly. Our Rita Pie on our special pretzel crust is amazing!

Whipped Chocolate Pie

The best whipped chocolate pie you’ll ever put in your pie hole served on a delicious oreo crust!

Strawberry Pie

Delicious large strawberries combined with a true bread pie crust is not something you want to miss!

Peanut Butter Pie

Can you think of anything more delicious than a peanut butter pie on an oreo crust? We can’t either!

Lemon Berry Pie

Never have you tasted such a delicious blend of lemon, strawberries, and raspberries! This signature pie is amazing!

savory pies

Chicken Pot Pie

We’ll take you right back to grandma’s kitchen with our perfect chicken pot pie!


Never has a quiche tasted so amazing than on our true wheat crust!

Tamale Pie

Add some amazing variety to your table with our outstanding Tamale Pie made with our freshly ground organic corn & wheat crust, filled with a blend of chili, cheese, and sour cream.

true breads

True Bread

Organic freshly milled wheat, no preservatives, sliced and ready to eat? Yep, we’ve got it!

Cinnamon Raisin True Bread

Add raisins, cinnamon, & sucanat to our true bread and even more amazing things happen!

5 Seed & Grain True Bread

Add sunflower, flax, chia, millet, quinoa, and sesame seed to our true bread and amazing things happen!