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End of Summer

Seems to us like summer had just started and yet here we are watching its it draw to a close. Maybe its for the best, the hot weather and long days had us itching to go out and as we all know thats a no-no mid-pandemic. Like most things summers now don’t seem to compare to the scorchers we survived and thrived in as kids. Our days were spent exclusively outside and filled with impromptu sprinkler sessions, sandlot baseball games with every kid within a mile, and a lemonade stand here and there. It seemed that dirt covered faces was the price of entry for overcooked hotdogs and hamburgers on the back porch. Now summer is an Instagram post poolside with some form of mexican food accompaniment, were looking at you Los Cabos tacos. But, we have tried to enjoy it to the fullest nonetheless, even despite a global pandemic confining us to our homes. As we watch summer wane so do we watch all good summer fruits become unavailable. Peaches are hard to get your hands on, blueberries are just about gone for the year, and strawberries are already in the rearview mirror. Because of this our summer pies are becoming few and far between, and only have a few weeks left. Our fall menu is waiting in the queue so get your orders in asap if you still want any of our summer flavors before they’re gone.