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Fall Is Almost Here

The evenings are starting to get cooler and our southern accents are starting to get stronger, Fall must be near, ya hear. Soon we will be searching through the black trash bags in the back of our closets for flannels and cleaning the dust off our favorite pair of boots that haven’t been touched since before the Super Bowl. With all the pumpkin spice scented candles being lit as we speak comes a longing for Fall pies and boy, oh boy do we have you covered!!! Starting this next week the 22nd of September, it is the first day of Fall!!! So, you already know they we will be stocked with all the Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Praline, and Pecan pies your heart could desire. The pandemic has hit small businesses hard and we are not immune to that, so now more than ever it is important to support local businesses. We are back open for dine-in as well as carry out and delivery. Come by the shop, give us a ring, or send us a messenger pigeon to order your fall pies today!!!